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The Carnivorous Wardrobe : Harry Potter RPG's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Carnivorous Wardrobe : Harry Potter RPG

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[02 Aug 2004|05:35pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Setting: A dream, then the Bulstrode house and Vance's cellar.
Time: July 15, night
Characters: Millicent and Snape
Status: Closed

Millicent and Snape share a dream, then an argument.

Millicent was standing in front of the window at Madam Malkin's, staring hungrily at the pure white toga. The toga virilis, the sign of manhood. She was eighteen, old enough, surely... She moved to the door, to go in, but then it registered that the mannequins had no heads, and she was plainly to blame; Madam Malkin told her that she had no use for the custom of someone who couldn't keep their hands off the mannequin heads.

And then she was sitting in Snape's rooms, at Hogwarts, wearing the purple-bordered toga of a schoolboy, bent over her transfigurations texts, though she couldn't have said why...surely she had taken her N.E.W.T.s already? But she'd failed them, that was right, and they'd have to be taken again, done correctly.

It was, Snape thought, quite unfortunate that Millicent had failed her NEWTs the last time she had taken them, but clearly murdering people was a more important occupation to her than studying, and she deserved every bit of his sneer as he looked at her, studying in the robes that she should never have been required to wear again, and certainly wouldn't have if her studies had meant as much to her as she had protested they did.

'Everyone...' Her voice was very soft. She lifted her head then. 'No pansies - that's for thoughts, and I don't like them anymore...they hurt too much.'Collapse )

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Charlie and Ajeya go back to Romania [02 Aug 2004|05:25pm]

[ mood | loved ]

Setting: Hogsmeade, their flat
Date: July 31st, day
Characters: Charlie, Ajeya
Status: Closed

Charlie asks Ajeya to marry him. She, of course, says yes, and they make plans to leave for Romania at once, believing that most of the Ministry is hiding anyway, and there is nothing for them to do in England.

Charlie entered Ajeya and his flat. It felt strange and although Ludwig was mad with joy, it did not really feel like 'home'. Charlie wandered through the flat, still limping a little and his face full of healing scratches and the remainders of bruises. He looked in the mirror. What he saw was not the face of a fighter. What he saw was the face of a man who was tired of fighting - or, at least, wanted to fight a war that he knew. The battles with the dragons was what he craved and there was only one way to go. One way only. He just needed Ajeya to come home.

Ajeya came in the door, tired after another day of futilely trying to find Kingsley, trying to stop the war that was happening, trying to find Harry...juggling too much at once. For a mere moment, she didn't recognise Charlie, not expecting to see him there, and then she laughed, running to him, happy to see him there, standing, even if he did look exhausted. "Charlie," she said, excited, "when did you get home? Sit down, love, you look tired. Are you all right to be out of hospital?"

'Then', he looked up, 'it will just be a ring.'Collapse )

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The death of Bellatrix, and the end of Terry's addiction [31 Jul 2004|05:42pm]

[ mood | loved ]

Setting: Dufftown, then Dublin
Date: July 31, day
Characters: Terry, Luna, Bellatrix
Status: Closed

Bellatrix attacks Luna to use her as bait to reach Terry, who arrives. Setting Luna free from Bella, he takes her Dublin and kills her with an overdose. Returning, he gives the needle and works to Luna, as a promise of his heart. Discussion is held, and they Apparate home.

Terry was surprised to find that Luna wasn't home when he arrived there that day, having run some errands for the lot that needed doing.

There was a twisted scrap of paper on the floor that he picked up, opening it curiously.

By the time he finished reading it, he could feel a murderous rage coming on, and didn't stop to think before he Apparated, trusting that luck would let him find them.

Luna knew that Bella would find her, it was only a matter of time and opportunity. She walked down one of the dustier, darker strees of the small, wizarding town and tried to look inconspicuous, which was hard gathering she did look so young. She recieved more than one odd look from drunks and hags lining the sctore fronts and peaking from alleys.


I want her away fr'm this. This's personal. F'r the shite y'pulled in the church, an f'r the fact that I hate y'anyway.Collapse )

Rated PG-13 for language, some violence, drug usage, some sexual content. Very mild, all things considered.

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The Man in the Pub [30 Jul 2004|03:16pm]


Setting: Hogsmeade
Date: July 25th, Night
Characters: Callidus & Theo
Status: Closed

Rated: R for Sexual Content

Theo sat in a corner of the pub, still angry over his
failure to handle Warrington appropriately...something
about their confrontation yesterday had made him
reckless, ready to ignore the advice Millicent had
given him.  He felt the eyes on him again, and looked
up to see the man who'd been watching him before,
looking his way. 

Theo picked up his glass and moved to the other table.
"Theo Nott.  And you are?" 

Callidus blinked slightly, somewhat startled.  His
emerald eyes bulged somewhat as he took his drink from
the ocounter, taking a sip of it, letting it crawl
down his throat, seeping away his pains.  He had noone
left, and yet now - there was a possibility for
someone new in his life.  He would have to take it. 

Callidus smiled lightly.  "Callidus Dumbledore. " His
golden brown hands raised themselves to Theo's level,
and let it stood there, awaiting Theo's grasp.

Theo took the hands in the wizard's clasp, but his
eyebrows raised at the name.  "Interesting.  Assumed,
or earned name?"

Assumed. Why do you Ask?Collapse )

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Theo warns the DA [30 Jul 2004|11:18am]

[ mood | worried ]

Setting: The student house
Date: July 27th, night
Characters: Theo, Anthony
Status: Closed

Immediately post the meeting, Theo goes back to Hogsmeade to the student house to warn Anthony.

The flat was too empty, he thought numbly, still slightly overwhelmed by the feeling of the triumph, echoing in his head, and he decided to try to find the infamous student house in the village.

It was quite easy, actually, and he knocked on the door, careful to keep his sleeves down, unsure who would answer.

Anthony was woken up by the sound, and looked over to the other side of the bed. It was empty, again. Anthony wondered where Justin was. The knocking continued, and Anthony stumbled over to the door. He opened it and, while his eyes were still adjusting, he said, "Hello?"

You didn't tell him anything about us, did you?Collapse )

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Millicent and Snape are reunited [27 Jul 2004|07:42pm]

Setting: Emma’s wine cellar
Time: Night, July 23
Characters: Snape, Millicent
Status: Closed.

Millicent is sent to join Snape in the wine cellar. Snape makes preliminary attempts to deal with her injuries and deals with her fits of hysterics over their bond, her injuries, his emotional state, her future, the state of her soul, and the lack of sparkling shiraz in the wine cellar. Okay, I made the last one up. They also share another dream, and Snape clearly doesn’t read as nearly as exciting books as Millicent does.

Snape was startled out of the reverie he'd dropped into as Millicent appeared in the wine cellar with him, but realised quite quickly that she hadn't gotten there under her own power. She was swaying, and he moved swiftly to hold her, as the evident Mobilicorpus failed and she started to drop.

She was unconscious, and probably injured - heavily if the burns on her hands were anything to go by. He stared for a moment, then lay her on the bed and briefly debated, then lowered his shields and tried to rouse her that way, gently touching the snake.

Millicent felt an uncomfortable pressure, and fought it for a moment, hardly wanting to awake. She was vaguely conscious of pain in every part of her body, and she was panting slightly. But the insistent pressure continued and finally, she opened her eyes, unwillingly.

Nothing is certain, not even your death.Collapse )
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[24 Jul 2004|09:04pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Who: Hermione & Ron
Where: Hogwarts
When: Few afternoons ago, before the DA meeting
What: Friendly talk
Tag: Closed
Rated: G

Ron was sitting at the long Gryffindor table, hardly eating anything. He looked around and saw some students he didn't even recognise anymore, eating now, as well. Some teachers were there, too - Prof Sinister and Prof Flitwick. Hagrid had just left the left the Hall to look after the Hippogriffs outside. Would Ron come here again? Ever? He spooned some mashed potato onto his fork, but didn't eat it.

I don't want to pick up your pieces. I couldn't do it. It would do me in, Ron.Collapse )

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Millicent gets kidnapped [24 Jul 2004|09:35am]

Time: Friday, July 23, evening
Setting: Somewhere off Knockturn Alley
Characters: Sturgis, Elizabeth, Millicent
Status: Closed

Millicent is lured forth to meet Elizabeth and Sturgis and, after a rousing fight that includes bitch-slapping and shooting, ends up being kidnapped.

"What are you-- fucking crazy?" Sturgis looked at Neville- no, Elizabeth with skepticism in his eyes. "You really think she's going to come out of hiding for love? What kind of moron-" He cut it off as he realized that he was talking to that kind of moron, then lit a cigarette and shoved it in his mouth to keep from talking.

Elizabeth dismissed his words with a wave of her hand.

"Trust me. Millicent isn't the brightest candle. She'll come."

Well, I guess she had it coming huh?Collapse )
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Zach gets a visit from his sister [22 Jul 2004|11:23pm]

Characters: Zach and his older sister Bianca
Time: Afternoon
Setting: The Hog’s Head
Status: Closed.
Summary: Bianca Smith catches up with her brother.

Zach sat at a small table in the corner of the Hog’s Head, nursing a mostly-full bottle of firewhiskey. His sister was coming to meet him, and he knew he had to be numbed but not drunk. Bia’s owl hadn’t sounded pleased. But he had no idea why she would be yelling at him...

Then Zach spotted a familiar head of long, reddish-brown hair. “Bia!” he called out.

Since when are you considerate?Collapse )
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Millicent Visits Adaliah [21 Jul 2004|07:20am]

Time: Tuesday afternoon
Place: Jugson Estate
Characters: Millicent, Adaliah
Status: Closed

Millicent goes to visit Adaliah, at her request. She lets slip the truth about having killed McGonagall. They discuss Bella, and worry about Draco's whereabouts. And then they sleep together.

Rated NC-17 for sexually explicit material


Millicent stood in front of the mirror, adjusting her cravat. She still didn't know what the other Death Eaters, apart from Snape, thought about her tendency to dress in men's robes, but she couldn't bring herself to change back. It was too late for that now. Going to another Death Eater's house...hadn't she learned her lesson with Bellatrix? But it was too tempting, the idea of feeling less alone - Millicent couldn't resist. Taking a deep breath, she Apparated to the front door steps of the house at Jugson Estate and knocked at the door.

Adaliah sat in the parlor elegantly sipping tea. She was wearing black robes and under a rather low cut white top and tight pants. Hearing the knock, Adaliah snapped at the house elf, Hedwinkle to attend to her guest. Smiling at the girl who appeared in the doorway of the parlor, she ignored the elf and dismissed him with a wave of her hand. "Millicent," Adaliah said as she placed the teacup down and walked up
to the girl. "It's lovely to see you again." Adaliah hugged the girl and kissed her on both cheeks. "Please. Have a seat." She said motioning to the several settees' littering the room

Do you mind if I just change here?Collapse )
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[20 Jul 2004|11:13pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Who: Christopher Warrington & Theodore Nott
Where: Hogsmeade, back alley near Zonko's
When: Few afternoons ago
What: Snarking, fighting, snarking
TAG: Closed
Rated: PG 13 for very bad language

Chris Warrington was being given a wide berth as he stormed through Hogsmeade. The intention of murder seemed etched on his angled features and he'd randomly cuss loud enough to make young mothers cover their children ears. He was mad though, and when he was mad he cussed. And stomped, and generally tried to destroy things.

But he was trying to be a good boy, and take out his temper on his feet by walking, and maybe finding an innocent tree to beat up on.

If you do that again, I'll kill you. And if you call me that again, I'll rape you first.Collapse )

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[21 Jul 2004|10:30am]

[OOC: This is continued from

Who: Tatiana Montague & Rowan Moon
Where: Outside, walking.
When: Night of the party
What: Probally just talking and flirting.
Tag: In progress/ Thread RP
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The DA meeting [19 Jul 2004|10:32pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Setting: Grimmauld Place
What: The DA Meeting

Harry stood in the main room at Grimmauld Place, the rooms that he and Ron and Hermione and everyone else had so carefully cleaned that year, and looked at it for a moment.

Then, sighing, he sat down on the floor, leaning against a wall - somehow, he'd never liked the furniture in this room and had no urge to sit in it yet - and pulled out his coin. Tapping it with his wand, he set it to send the message that the meeting was now, in Grimmauld Place.

Standing then, he moved to a chair and sat down, wondering if anyone would come on such short notice.

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Theo and Anthony meet in Hogsmeade and Theo joins the DA [19 Jul 2004|08:47pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Setting: Hogsmeade
Date: July 19th, Noon
Characters: Theo, Anthony
Status: Closed

Theo and Anthony talk and in that, Theo expresses his lack of total conviction with the Death Eaters. Anthony presents an alternative.

Theo came down the main street of Hogsmeade slowly, a small smile on his face as he watched the passersby, one of whom ge realised was familiar.

Turning to face him, he inqired, rather calmly. "Goldstein."

Anthony snapped out of his blank stare, which often happened with him due to too much thinking, and smiled at the boy. "Hullo there, er, it's Theo, right? I remember you from Transfiguration. How're you doing?"

"All right," he said, smiling. "You?" Je was curious to know, he found, curious to see what the Light was making of itself. He tried to tell hinself it was so he could report that to the Dark Lord when they came to Mark him.

"Oh, I've been very busy with things." Anthony thought for a moment that openly talking about the DA was probably a bad idea, so he was to be extremely cautious.

Theo thought about that for a moment, but said only "Surprising, isn't it? You look at leaving the school and wonder what you'll do, and it turns out there's a lot to do."

"I know. There's so much." Good. He got out of that one. "And what have you been up to?"

Sometimes, doing what is right means sacrifice.Collapse )

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Ensemble rp, Part 2! [19 Jul 2004|05:55pm]

This rp is too big for one post...so here's the second bit.

Setting: Knockturn Alley, the Bulstrode home, Emmaline's cellar, Muggle London, Snape's house in Yorkshire
Time: Sunday, July 18
Characters: Millicent, Ollivander, Theo, Snape, Emmaline, Harry, Firenze, Terry
Status: Closed, from exhaustion.

I like the thought of you feeling me.Collapse )
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Ensemble rp [19 Jul 2004|05:27pm]

Setting: Knockturn Alley, the Bulstrode home, Emmaline's cellar, Muggle London, Snape's house in Yorkshire
Time: Sunday, July 18
Characters: Millicent, Ollivander, Theo, Snape, Emmaline, Harry, Firenze, Terry
Status: Closed, from exhaustion.

Millicent meets Ollivander and is urged once again to kill Ajeya, and the upcoming meeting is discussed. On her way out, she meets Theo, and they have a discussion about the desirability of Theo being marked, and despise each other a lot. Millicent has a brief discussion with Snape, through their connection, and he promises to help her. Emmaline then interrupts their conversation. Snape asks her to let him go, she refuses, but brings Firenze in to cheer him up. Snape reveals some of his plans to Firenze, who is greatly surprised, and leaves, needing time to process. Snape accidentally connects with Millicent again, and bitches her out for no very good reason. She gets upset and goes off to kill Ajeya, but meets Harry on the way and has a fit of panic about being captured, and also some whiskey in a filthy pub with him. Harry goes home and forces Firenze to cuddle him a WHOLE LOT. Firenze asks him how he might feel about having Snape and Millicent come to live with him in the most miserable nuclear family ever. Harry thinks that sounds dandy. Harry goes inside and Terry comes to visit Firenze. They have sex. A lot. Indeed, Firenze is finally completely satisfied, both as a horse and a man.

Rated NC-17 for marathon sex and bestiality


Millicent strode down Knockturn Alley, taking comfort, or trying to, from the solid sound of her boots against the cobblestones. She'd never been there, really - and never wanted to. A Slytherin saw enough darkness without seeking it out. But this was safety now. These were her people.

She ducked into the filthy pub, and ordered a whiskey in her strongest voice - she wondered if it was possible for her to be mistaken for a man, and vaguely hoped it was as she looked around for Ollivander.

Ollivander smiled as he heard her voice, an attempt at disguise that might fool some, but he waited until she had her whiskey before he stood and went to her. "I've a table over here, my dear." He spoke quietly, not blowing her cover for those who had believed it.

Fine. I'll go with you. I don't care anymore.Collapse )
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Scouting [18 Jul 2004|01:32am]

Kingsley worked his way around the camp. His concentration focused on maintaining the spells that concealed him from the dementors. He couldn't get too close or he'd end up joining Voldemorts forces at the end of a kiss.
Tremors from the walking of giants made it difficult to walk straight, let alone stealthily.
He had spent the past two weeks scouting out this gathering of the enemy. There were mostly giants and dementors, but there were also small contingents of other creatures as well.
"Time to get back to the Ministry" he whispered to himself. He turned and crawled back through the tall grass intending to get far enough away to Apparate without being noticed. He noticed that he had crawled into a large shadow.

"Aw shit."
He slowly craned his neck upwards. The huge face of the giant looked down at him. The huge face split into a grin.
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[17 Jul 2004|02:33am]

Time: Just now, in the middle of the night.
Place: The Flat
Who: Hannah and Justin
Tag: Open

Hannah has a vicious nightmare.Collapse )
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Terry and Kevin avoid drudgery! [16 Jul 2004|12:52pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Setting: Hogsmeade, first the house, then the village
Time: Sunday, July 11 (the day after the party) morning
Characters: Terry and Kevin
Status: Open if you'd like to find Terry

Terry and Kevin sneak out of the house to avoid having to clean it, and get breakfast. The chat is mainly catching up.

The morning after the party, Terry took a look around the main floor of the house - Luna was still quite firmly asleep - and shuddered. Cleaning spells had never been his forte, and he decided it was best to scarper before someone wanted to teach him one.

Turning to go back to his room and get his shoes, he ran into Kevin - quite literally, a bit of a surprise given his size, but there you had it. "'m not doing any bloody cleaning, mate," he said. "'m leaving till someone else does it. An y'didn't see me."

Kevin took a step back, and placed a large hand on Terry’s shoulder. "You're Terry Boot, aren't you?" Kevin said, more of a statement than a question. "This is your house. Why're you going to make someone else clean it?" Kevin stood a little wider, blocking Terry's way through the hall. "I think that's a bit selfish of yourself. Your part, you should clean."

"Because, y'great bloody git," Terry said, smiling, "'m Terry Boot. Someone else can clean the bloody house, cause if I did, 'd be disaster. So 'm going t'Hogsmeade t'do...something. No idea what. Y'want t'come?"

It’s hard to actually believe this is a war that we're in. I mean, we've read and heard about wars, but its so weird to actually be in one. Do you think the same way or is it just me?Collapse )

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Terry meets Tracey [16 Jul 2004|12:23pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Setting: The gardens at Hogwarts
Time: July 1, day
Characters: Terry, Tracey
Status: Complete

Terry and Tracey meet and talk. After some time of being generally horrid to each other, they relax and manage to get along quite well.

Terry stepped into the gardens that afternoon, to take advantage of the sunshine. After a week of sitting with Luna and sitting NEWTs, sunshine was a sorely-missed commodity.

He lit a cigarette, then caught sight of a Slytherin at the other end of the garden and walked towards her.

The sunshine was just a little too bright. Something rather happy about the sight of flowers and sunshine- something a little sickening. She sighed, contenting herself with pulling the petals off flowers, when she noticed someone walking towards her.

"What?" she glared at him coldly, her tone blunt. She reached into her bag and drew out her own packet of cigarettes, lighting up, never moving her eyes from the boy approaching.

"Thought'd say hello's all," he replied, unruffled. "Specially as y'r a fellow smoker an all. Y'r Tracey, right?"

She looked him up and down, blue eyes filling with something between disgust and complete nonchalence. "Yea- that's right. But what's it to you? I'm sure loads of people around here smoke anyway. Sod all else to do in this bloody place." She yawned, pointedly, "And you are?" Being rude was something that Tracey found rather scarily easy, she was hardly clever (poor thing) but she had learnt early on that she could score points off people by making them feel small. She hoped that the scathing glances and distant tone were having just this effect on the creature before her.

"'m Terry Boot," he said. "An y'r going t'have no luck trying t'make me feel shite that way." He grinned.

Not really all that sure who I am anymore.Collapse )

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